Transgender People Could Possibly Offer Unique Perspectives for Advancing Science, Politics, Humankind, if Given the Chance

glorifiedI truly know that society would benefit in many fields and cross-disciplines if more attention was given to the transgender community by the science, political, and spiritual fields of study.  Transgender people hold some of the key answers to questions we currently cannot answer, and can advance fields significantly if given a chance to be studied.

We can all relate to witnessing mind blowing experiences in our lifetime.  Certain situations are so unique, that they possess an ability to shatter preconceived notions, that they beg to be recognized and examined.  The idea, once experienced, instantaneously shatters former strait jackets for the mind.  The mind, now unable to contain the formerly myopic point of view due to expanding through greater awareness, replaces the old beliefs with the new updated and emergent ideas.

Transgender people create those types of experiences for people every day.  Ranging from coming out to their wives and shattering the husband role, to a transgender male saying he’s experienced pregnancy before, transgender people experience and present unique life situations on a daily basis that shatter gender roles, societal constructs, and arbitrary placeholders that hold outdated values in place.

There are even individuals I know personally that were shocked to learn that they themselves were transgender, Female-to-Male, even though they had known all their lives that there were Male-to-Female transgender people.  The notion that an FtM could exist hadn’t occurred to them despite seeing the other half of the equation.

Moreover, just a simple action of using the women’s restroom for a MtF transsexual proves how much thinking outside of the box society has to do, how much cognitive dissonance is generated, and how much the definition of gender needs to be updated.  Maybe society doesn’t have all the answers, and needs to broaden its domain.  Maybe the cultural values of our time are erroneous and faulty, and cause harm.  Maybe the definition of gender is currently harmful.  These, and countless other examples, show how societal reflection and contemplation is forced to occur, promoting growth and awareness for different fields in society.  Transgender people stretch the gender binary, social constructs, and challenge cultural traditions.  They present alternative solutions to the political construct that should be considered; solutions that could possibly yield better insights into what types of environmental effects create better outcomes for human psychological, emotional, and spiritual development.

Another example would be studies that have sampled identical twins, where only one of the twins identifies as  transgender.  Despite sharing identical DNA, amniotic fluid, and the same environment in the womb, they have entirely different gender identities and expressions, which poses unique studies that scientists should take advantage of in evaluating and scrutinizing.

What if the hormone imbalance in the womb that causes transgenderism is studied?  What if the  hormone’s chemical structure is isolated, and through analysis, is revealed to contain cures for other ailments, diseases, or deformities that occur during birth?  What if these chemical strains can counteract the damage caused other environmental pollutants and gene mutations?  What if isolating the chemical structure could provide insights into other genetic cures and ailments that would have eluded us if we would have never thought of investigating simply because of our prejudice against GLBT people?  What if the left-right brain connection in transgender people yield a developmental stage in pregnancy, that if promoted even more, could yield higher intelligence due to improved brain hemisphere interactions?

And what if numerous behavioral-psychological studies are launched immediately to take advantage of the fact that both sides of the gender spectrum are familiar to a transgender individual?  What if in doing so, we generate unique evaluative opportunities for collecting data on human behaviors that are caused by cultural promotion of gender stereotypes and reinforced behavior that are harmful to male or female specific individuals and the masses?  What if a typical violent behavior for males were rooted in how the brain develops due to society confining gender traditions so rigidly, causing psychological predispositions for socially offensive behaviors to emerge?  What if these had eluded us for a long time due to our inability to break gender stereotypes strictly for the comfort of upholding traditional roles due to stubbornness and ego?  Topics that could prove to be invaluable would never be given the light of day to reach the laboratories.

Furthermore, couples all over the world struggle with relationship issues stemming from the difference of gender role induced behaviors.  Men and women are fundamentally different enough in brain chemistry and structure that conflicts seem to always inevitably occur in intimate interactions.  But how about a link that may help the two genders interact in a more unique perspective?

I truly believe some keys lie within the unique sexuality perspectives that transgender people possess.  Growing up and experiencing both sides of gender presentation, identity, and dating, offers a very unique perspective to transgender individuals that the rest of the world’s population simply never get to experience.  We get to date a specific gender as a “gay” presentation prior to transition, and “straight” after we transition.  And some of us date females before we transition, and males after we transition.  Our bi-gendered and bisexual sexual and sensual experiences could prove to be invaluable information and serve as useful references.

In fact, the whole system of traditional gender roles, pronouns, and how we use language to refer to an individual could potentially change to be less of a label, and become more inclusive.  Self esteem issues could be affected positively, where people wouldn’t feel ashamed to do something outside of their traditional gender roles.  Stereotypes that are consistently found in root causes of bullying would diminish, and people would feel freer to pursue what they TRULY wanted in their HEARTS without the fear of gender confinement hanging over their heads.  Judgment would decrease and self esteem would be healthier individually and collectively.

And these are merely the few unique perspectives that transgender individuals may offer in terms of answers to couples who struggle with intimacy, sensuality, communication, and other issues related to aspects affected by upbringing due to current gender confinement standards.tg_logo

I think it’s time for society to embrace and cherish transgender people, and not ostracize them and force them to abide by and fit into an outdated social paradigm.  Instead of forcing transgender people to curb their differences, we should promote the differences that may yield unfathomable change.  By embracing transgender people for who they are, we may yield some very exciting answers and data into a world of experiences we never knew existed.  Science, politics, and psychology, if given a chance to utilize this information, may transform the world in ways we never could have imagined.

But first we have to give transgender people that chance.


7 thoughts on “Transgender People Could Possibly Offer Unique Perspectives for Advancing Science, Politics, Humankind, if Given the Chance

    • Thanks for being patient the past few days as I got to your response. To answer your question, I think a transgender person is no different than any other person on this planet, we all bleed when we are cut, we all need the same things. And the flip-side to that coin rings true too, where we could contribute in different ways like any other cisgendered individual. We just need that window of opportunity to find our chance, or niche, our strengths that we can share with the world/general public.
      I wrote this specific post for numerous reasons, but one big reason was to address the fact that GLBT individuals, specifically transgender people, are at a much higher risk of never seeing or experiencing that window of opportunity due to higher rates of bullying, exclusion, and discrimination. Potential careers in fields of medicine and other areas could be missed entirely due to an individual just fighting for their right to basic needs and dignity. Imagine some of the most productive minds in our human history, having to fight for equal rights each and every day of their lives. Would they still have been as prolific? Probably not.
      I would even go as far to include anyone who is bullied for any reason for being different in any way shape or form as a potentially subdued point of thriving, where society may or may not ever see his or her true potential due to unnecessary obstacles placed for them due to inability to accept differences in humanity.
      Furthermore, it has been because we have studied people that are different throughout the centuries that we’ve obtained data and learned enormous patterns and understanding about the human body, health sciences, and psychological predispositions of the human brain. A person with near sightedness or a person with cancer provides a platform for scientists to obtain information that is useful for combating those conditions and diseases that help increase the quality of human life.
      Since transgender people have a big difference in their genitalia compared to their cisgendered counterparts, I truly believe it would be interesting to research transgender people to see if there are any noticeable differences during pregnancy. For example, hormones levels of thousands of wombs and see which births turn out gay or transgender, and see if there are any chemical differences or imbalances that occur during pregnancy when compared to cisgnedered outcomes.
      Hope that answers your question.

    • That answers more than just the question I typed; It answered some other questions I had, too. I honestly think recording the births, as you said, and seeing how many would turn out G,L,B, or T would have a great effect on the basic science-No, more advanced science, on a whole other level.

      The fact that this discrimination still exists- Yes, blacks are free from slavery-But they are, no way, completely free from harassment and discrimination. It’s the same for GLBTs.

      Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkings, Leonardo Da Vinci…They were all amazing people. But I want to know about the people who almost did great things, but eventually succumbed to the constant pressure and intolerance of their personalities,

      I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to post this and respond to my comment. Thank you.

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