The Movie Lincoln Touched Upon Issues We as GLBT are Still Fighting For

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

I saw the movie “Lincoln” a few weeks ago, and being that the Oscars were on a few hours ago, I decided to write a bit about the movie, and the sentiments and feelings it brought up in me.

First off I want to say I’m very happy to see Daniel Day-Lewis win for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and for his breathtaking performance of Abraham Lincoln, in which the movie based much of its theme around the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which abolished slavery.

The movie length was two and a half hours, but didn’t feel long or drawn out for me, due to the framework of the many touching scenes in which the audience could apply the same outlook towards other and current social issues.

The women in our current social zeitgeist still find men who are good listeners, who are compassionate, and who have integrity, to be irresistible.  Day-Lewis truly showed repeatedly in each scene that the Lincoln being portrayed embodied a great listener through all the meetings with his cabinet.  That he had enormous compassion for soldier’s who didn’t want to fight, hence pardoning an execution of a deserting soldier, and that he fought tirelessly for what was right and stood up when he needed for just causes.  The film put a very heavy emphasis on civil rights, and fighting for equality in abolition slavery.

Lincoln was portrayed as incredibly deep and wise when he compared human beings, their dignity, and their equal status being people born on this great nation’s soil, as equal, by using Euclid’s math theorem during a very moving and pivotal moment in the movie.

I felt a mixture of emotions when watching that scene, simultaneously feeling disgusted that we still, in 2013, have to fight for gay marriage and equal rights and health care for transgender people, but also feeling hope for our nation, our people, as history is evident with countless scenarios where the oppressed had to fight for equal treatment, and that the moral arc of humanity still heads towards the right direction.

I was brought to tears multiple times as I witnessed the deep parallels of the social struggle throughout history, from those brothers and sisters during the civil rights movement and to those currently fighting in the GLBT community for equal rights.

And despite being exhausted and depleted, Lincoln fought on.

And so as a GLBT community, so shall we.


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