Small Gestures, Big Impact

I was at the doctor’s office, sitting on a bench in the hallway, eating an apple.small_gestures

An older gentleman approached me, at least in his 60’s.

He said “That’s one way to avoid seeing the doctor.”

“Uh huh, I know,” I said with a nod and smile.

He approached closer and we began a conversation.

He was very sweet, and he was obviously married, because he told me so, and sure enough, shortly after we began our conversation, his wife came out to grab him.

She didn’t seem too pleased he was talking with a young beautiful girl (me), but she wasn’t irritated either.

To the casual observer, it seemed like he was just talking with a stranger.  But to me, it had a chain reaction, a butterfly effect.

I was in such a good mood due to this gentleman’s approach, gestures, and compliments, that I was very friendly the rest of the day to whoever crossed my path, ranging from driving on the road in Los Angeles traffic and letting people into the lanes, to complimenting a woman on her eyelashes and makeup at the post office, resulting in her smiling and saying I made her day.

Sometimes the seemingly smallest gestures that are overlooked make the biggest impact in the world.

I needed one of these moments yesterday, and my Mother in the Sky didn’t disappoint.  She heard my pleas and delivered an absolute angel in a trying time for me.

I was struggling at the office earlier in the day because a coworker apparently found my transgender history — a piece of my personal private information– too juicy to keep a secret, and apparently told a few other people in the office.

The result of being told I’m under scrutiny by other coworkers to see if I’m cisgender or transgender always causes anxiety.  Am I pretty?  Am I seen as who I really am, a woman, or seen and judged by my genitals and assigned birth gender?  It can truly drive a woman crazy, these thoughts.

So I got to the doctor’s office in a displeased mood, and upon exiting the elevator, a 70-ish year old woman in a wheelchair, who obviously just had surgery and was wrapped in gauze and blankets, was in the hallway.  I was in my own disturbed world and pissy mood, but all of a sudden I heard her say:

“That’s such a lovely outfit, it looks so cute on you.”

She melted me, and I didn’t know what to say.  I felt so rejuvenated all of a sudden, and I thanked her.

“I know you just had surgery, and for you to be so sweet to me despite how you’re feeling says so much about you, thank you.”

The woman pushing the wheelchair said “Thanks for the kind words for my mom.  She is awesome!”

“I agree!” I said.

Sometimes the seemingly smallest gestures that are overlooked make the biggest impact in the world.


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