In the Beginning there was Naomi

I met Naomi through Kazumi.

I met Kazumi online, through a transgender chat room.

My first time out in Los Angeles, in 2002, was at the Mayfair hotel on a transgender club night.

I’ll never forget how nervous I was when walking from the underground parking lot to the lobby of the hotel.  I stuck very close to Kazumi, and felt very self conscious.  I couldn’t believe I was finally out and about as myself, presenting as a woman.

Upon entering the club, Kazumi started talking to some of the other girls.

I found myself alone all of a sudden.

Then Kazumi brought someone over to meet me.

“This is Natalie, it’s her first time out,” Kazumi said.

I shook her hand nervously, and she said hi back.


It wasn’t until a year later that I was dressed up and out again.  I was at club Lodge in Van Nuys when I saw Naomi again for the second time.

Throughout the years, she has become the familiar face, the old faithful.  I could always count on her being out on a Saturday night, and for transgender people, especially newbies, it’s always nice to see a familiar face.  It can really soothe the anxiety when first stepping into the club.

Naomi has seen me disappear for years at a time, only to resurface.  I have had some very interesting conversations with her in the past about transgender issues, and she’s always been supportive.

She also is an amazing dancer, and I learned so much by watching her in the past.  I slowly gained confidence on the dance floor by dancing with her, emulating some of her moves, and just knowing that she was always visible when I revisited the clubs.  The faces would change, but the old timers, the ones who go way back, are always nice to see.

I recently saw her at Hamburger Mary’s, and we danced together.  Never had I felt so on top of the world.

We sat down after and I commented on how she has seen my entire transition, from the first times I went out as myself in Los Angeles to now working a company job and living fulltime as myself.

Thanks Naomi.

You don’t even know how much of a difference you made in my life, but thanks for being there for me.


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