About the Author:

Natalie Yeh is an Asian American, bisexual, bilingual MtF woman who is trying to break the binary stereotypes for gender and sexual identity labels while living in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

Being a spy for the other gender for 32 years allowed her to obtain valuable transcripts from the other team, information upon which she utilizes everyday to put a dent into this dysfunctional, broken, limiting, spiritually myopic social construct we call society, in order to wake people up to how much better we can really live and treat one another.

She would rather be like Morpheus in “The Matrix” movie, being a professional unplugger to the blinding psychosocial effects society has on us, and wake people up to the real world issues at hand, and hence finds that by being herself, she makes a political and self expressive artistic statement everyday alongside  thousands of transgender brothers and sisters in Los Angeles and in the world, and that through engaging people wherever she goes, she generates a mind opening process for individuals who are unaware of the GLBT plight and civil rights the community desperately needs to obtain.

She encourages those who haven’t come out to do so, and those who can’t safely come out to do so in a private manner to themselves.  And in honoring and acknowledging themselves, to stop payment into the jar of false facades and to start investments towards the jar of authenticity.

She would rather not remember what she studied at Cal Berkeley, as her new-found life journey is taking her down a much more exciting path than what her former major offered her in terms of cubicle slavery for corporate Amerika.

Her interests include psychology, neurobiology, sustainable energy, tennis, basketball, martial arts, cooking, photography, writing, traveling, open minded and adventurous people.  She does a bit of everything and mingles with all walks of life, and she dislikes labels, conformity, confinement, and anything that limits the human experience and emergent thinking.

She loves her family and friends, and bonds with people who have an open mind, a soft heart, and loving soul that craves growth.  She appreciates self-expression and art everywhere she sees it, and good conversations and meeting trustworthy people are turn-ons for her.  Above all else, she really likes people who are fully formed and self aware human beings who think beyond themselves and their indoctrinations.

If you’d like to contact her, feel free to e-mail Natalie at: menopausebeforepuberty@yahoo.com

She also has a twitter account you can follow, @natalieyeh175.

If you’re confused about any of the terminology used at this blog, feel free to read the FAQ & Glossary.  If you have some questions or want to know more about her, or her goals for this site, you can read the ABOUT this Site section below.  And please feel free to leave her comments!


About this Site:tg_remembrance

My goals for this website are twofold: to help transgender people on and individual and community scale.

This site applies to all individuals who identify as gender non-conforming, regardless of where or how far along we are in our journey or where we fall or identify on the gender spectrum.  This site is for those individuals who are scared to admit to themselves they are trans, who are afraid to take that first step outdoors their first time presenting as themselves, and for those who have finally gone out in public for the first time as themselves.  This site is for you.

And this site is also here to help further the civil rights for the transgender community in any way possible, in whatever area possible, by making the resources of “what it is like to be transgender” available to those who want to know.  Any amount of awareness is useful at this point in our battle for equal rights and recognition.

The only way we will receive equal treatment in society will be through promoting awareness, educating the public, and engaging the masses in all sectors.   The fact that 11 year olds who transition at school hold their urine all day and suffer kidney problems due to fear of using the bathroom….the fact that transgender individuals in the most technologically advanced nation of the world suffer from lack of health care, understanding, employment, housing, family inclusion, and so many other areas, means, unfortunately, that these types of sites have to exist.

This site will hopefully contribute to my wishes of seeing society recognize transgender people as the gender they truly identify as; where society has taken the effort to broaden the definition of gender towards empathy and inclusion, not bullying and exclusion.

And despite achieving major milestones in California law, where sexual reassignment surgery is no longer necessary for transgender people to be legally recognized as female, and recent victories in areas of employment and health care laws that have expanded to protect transgender people, we still have a long way to go before we even get recognized by the medical community for proper health coverage, and by the government as who we are so we can, where circumstances apply, marry who we want, etc.

Only when the definition of what a woman ought to be is updated to present day knowledge, will we begin to minimize the unnecessary pain and suffering of those in our community, to stop the violence and hate crimes, to regain our dignity that has been skewed by stereotypes, and to diminish the exclusion from family, friends, and community.

I say the truth is way cooler than what people are afraid of discovering.

Let’s go out of our comfort zones and continue fighting and informing the public in all areas.   When prior convictions and facts collide, one must yield. The comfortable choice may not be the correct one.  I for one believe we will be comfortable when we die; that’s why it’s called rest in peace.”  So I intend on continuing my activism.  And I hope you will join me in promoting this awareness.

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